Why security needs to be the basis for office printing

| 6 juni 2019

With threat levels through unauthorised data access rising, security is one of the most crucial aspects in today’s quickly evolving office environment. In its latest “Global Print Security Landscape 2019” analysis[1], Quocirca therefore stresses the importance of the topic with regards to the office environment and the far-reaching implications it can have on entire organisations. As one of the key vendors in the industry, Konica Minolta addressed printer security as a key issue early on, ensuring it in its broad product and service portfolio.

Today, offices are more connected than ever: the number of peripherals and multifunctional printers (MFP) connected to the company network through IoT edge technology is steadily increasing. Together with ever stricter laws and regulations for data security, this is putting significant pressure on organisations of all types to find and execute a suitable defence strategy. Yet, while a majority of 72% of organisations are concerned about print related security breaches, only 24% are confident that their print infrastructure is fully protected. In its analysis, Quocirca explains that “businesses must take a proactive approach to print security, as these print devices can provide an open door to corporate networks. By taking steps to analyse the potential vulnerabilities of print environments, businesses can mitigate risks without compromising productivity.”

With Konica Minolta being a strong and experienced partner for its customers in this field, Quocirca recognised that for the company, “security is one of the key pillars underpinning its managed print services offering. Konica Minolta has adopted an ITIL-based methodology designed to improve security and compliance, and believes that organisations that treat the procurement of MPS services as the start of an ongoing consultative relationship with their provider rather than as a one-off transaction will benefit the most, particularly in the face of continually evolving security risks.“

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