Secure file sharing and synchronisation that fits enterprise needs: dokoni SYNC & SHARE

| 3 april 2018

With its enterprise file sharing and synchronisation solution dokoni SYNC & SHARE, Konica Minolta is providing its customers with the flexibility they have learned to appreciate in consumer cloud solutions within a powerful business solution tailored to their specific company’s needs. Securely accessing data and information from anywhere at any time with any device – this flexibility is becoming a key success factor in future business environments. With the introduction of dokoni SYNC & SHARE in November 2017, users will have full control over their data and unrestricted access to their information while using their company resources in the most efficient manner.

As data is becoming the most valuable resource in business, a company’s internal and external access to information will be a crucial success factor. This data has to be managed in an efficient way, however, as data quantities are expected to grow tenfold by 2025. Effective, flexible and fast access to and sharing of information that is optimised for the company’s specific needs are indispensible: Quick reaction times to changing market demands and external influences are the key for companies to gain a competitive advantage. Adopting new trends and technologies as well as the ability to foster innovation are becoming prerequisites for the global integration of businesses and company processes.

Hence, solutions like dokoni SYNC & SHARE will be essential. They support these processes by making information available anytime from anywhere and providing a platform for seamless collaboration.

ECM aligned with customer business processes and existing IT solutions

It lets them create and manage their own working environment easily. This helps to increase business speed, response capability and flexibility, while letting users choose to work wherever, whenever and from whatever device they want. Even though the solution offers its users the flexibility they know from consumer cloud solutions, dokoni SYNC & SHARE incorporates the uncompromisingly high security standards necessary for the business environment, protecting their core asset – their data and information.

A multifunctional catalyst for collaboration

dokoni SYNC & SHARE facilitates efficient collaboration of all internal and external project stakeholders through worry-free information sharing. The system preserves former versions of documents and keeps track of who has done what and when. Additionally, comments can be added to the documents, triggering notifications for the relevant team members. This enables faster project delivery times and increases productivity substantially. Through the synchronisation client, the system also keeps files up to date on all devices, while at the same time allowing them to work on files even without an Internet connection.

As customer needs are at the heart of Konica Minolta’s development strategy and implementation approach, the deployment and system integration of the dokoni SYNC & SHARE platform is highly flexible as well. It can be seamlessly linked to other data storage solutions like SharePoint, SMB, FTP, Dropbox or Google Drive, creating a single access point to all stored data. Customers are free to decide whether they would like to deploy dokoni SYNC & SHARE locally on their premises managed by Konica Minolta or use it as a managed cloud service where Konica Minolta takes care of securing the system within the cloud eco-system bizhub Evolution. Even hybrid deployments are possible for enterprises requiring a mix of both approaches.