Print in Motion - genARate from Konica Minolta makes engaging AR experiences effortless

| 12 november 2018

In today’s digital world, printed materials still have the power to make an impact. With the launch of genARate on November 5, an all-new solution for the creation of Augmented Reality (AR) experiences, Konica Minolta is making it easy to transform printed content into exciting, interactive communications. Thanks to genARate, there’s no need for specialist expertise to enhance printed materials with captivating digital content: No matter if you are an agency, commercial printer, central reprographics or marketing department, it is simple and easy to create brilliant Augmented Reality print experiences.

genARate is a flexible cloud-based AR solution from Konica Minolta that can bring printed material to life. The tool requires no coding or previous experience to use. genARate overlays digital content such as video, animations, or 3D models onto printed materials to create rich, exciting and new media experiences. Consumers can view and interact with these virtual objects using their smartphone or tablet, which automatically recognise images and present these three-dimensionally onscreen. This provides a more compelling way to have potential customers interact with content and boost conversion rates. Interactive experiences also provide more detailed or in-depth information.

Effortless to create, easy to measure

genARate has been designed to make AR creation available to everyone. Users can start within minutes by using a simple and effective augmented reality tool, the genARate Studio. Simply open a web browser, login, and start building an AR experience. The tool is very intuitive - adding the digital interactive objects takes just a few mouse clicks and the whole creative process is made quick and easy thanks to the intuitive drag-and-drop interface. genARate also includes built-in analytics that measure app usage and user engagement with the content. This too, requires no in-depth technical skills or detailed knowledge of the platform. As a hosted service with a straightforward pricing structure, it is quick, easy and very accessible to get a campaign up and running.

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