New horizons: Konica Minolta opens worldwide Digital Manufacturing Hub

| 1 februari 2018

With the Internet of Things (IoT), Industry 4.0 and data handling, digitalisation has now reached manufacturing companies, too. To help and support customers through this development and transformation process as a trusted partner, Konica Minolta has today opened its Digital Manufacturing Hub in Darmstadt, Germany, which acts as the global headquarters of its newly created Digital Manufacturing Business Unit.

Opening the new Digital Manufacturing Hub marks the start of Konica Minolta expanding its renowned and reliable IT services and complete solutions for optimising document-heavy business processes in the B2B sector. These will be supplemented by expertise in sensor systems and visualisation technology, fields in which Konica Minolta has many years of experience.

Konica Minolta will bring in a number of collaborative partners to do this. The focus will be on visualisation in all its facets, in order to reveal optimisation potential and enable it to be unlocked.

Guests at the opening ceremony were treated not only to lectures by qualified specialists (from the Technische Universität Darmstadt, for example) but also to a discussion forum and live demonstrations of the first solutions.

The global Head of the Digital Manufacturing Business Unit is Johannes Bischof, President of Konica Minolta Business Solutions Deutschland. He will be supported by Steve Rommel, in his new role as Head of the Digital Manufacturing Hub in Darmstadt. Thanks to the time he spent working at international manufacturing companies, as well as in research and development, Rommel will bring a wealth of experience from a wide range of sectors to the Hub.

An important milestone