Making sure you treat the right patient

| 2 maj 2018

Preventing patient identification errors is an essential part of medical best practice. Although such incidents are rare and usually caught in good time, wrong-patient events can result in mistreatment that can have serious consequences. Fortunately, this risk can be reduced – with laser-printable wristbands. Especially when there is no margin for error, quality matters – this is why, following an intensive test and approval process, Konica Minolta is proud to announce the compatibility with its office laser printers and its recommendation for Zebra LaserBand wristbands provided by Diagramm Halbach for use with its printing solutions.

Healthcare administrators everywhere know that positive patient identification is essential for safe patient care. Only then can you ensure the “five rights” of medical use are met: the right patient, the right drug, the right time, the right dose and the right route. Throughout the healthcare industry, failure to correctly identify patients continues to result in medication errors, transfusion errors, testing errors, wrong person procedures and the discharge of infants to the wrong families. Such errors are often due to missing wristbands or wristbands with incorrect information. The solution: durable patient identification with laser-printable wristbands. Good visibility of the information gives caregivers easy access to the information they need at the point of care – this is what the premium laser-printable patient wristband solution from Zebra provides.

The recommendation for the Zebra LaserBand wristbands has been made on completion of a comprehensive test procedure with a representative selection of Konica Minolta printers. In addition to endorsing the quality and compatibility of the LaserBand patient wristbands within an extensive test report, Konica Minolta has also developed detailed recommendations for printer settings to ensure optimal results and reliability within a clinical context.

Developed specifically for the healthcare industry, the LaserBand patient wristband is a sophisticated yet highly robust and easy-to-use solution that has an integrated protective foil which perfectly protects the applied laser print. Combined with built-in self-adhesive labels, this premium tape helps simplify and speed up patient hospitalisation workflows. It allows employees to print label sheets and patient wristbands in a single operation. The LaserBand is available in a sheetlet (envelope-size) format or as a popular A4 format that combines integrated adhesive labels with versions for adults, children and babies. The premium patient wristband is provided by Diagramm Halbach Germany. This Zebra Supplies Specialist Partner manufactures individually die-cut lables within the A4 wristband sheets or provides plain A4 or sheetlet LaserBand wristbands (contact

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