Konica Minolta wins Keypoint Intelligence PaceSetter award for leading imaging ecosystem

| 12 december 2017

Konica Minolta Business Solutions has been named as a “MFP Platforms & App Ecosystems PaceSetter” by Keypoint Intelligence – the world’s foremost authority on imaging software, hardware and services. The prestigious accolade was awarded following in-depth evaluation of the platforms and apps offered by the world’s leading document imaging OEMs: Keypoint Intelligence Buyers Lab (BLI) identified Konica Minolta multifunction devices and printers as being the best at support businesses’ workflows through a comprehensive ecosystem-driven offering. The award recognises the incredible flexibility of Konica Minolta’s devices, which can be customised through the wide range of high-quality apps available via the Konica Minolta MarketPlace.

Today, multifunctional devices are no longer standalone devices, but are integrated into the heart of businesses’ existing workflows, processes and services. Just as smartphones are no longer mere tools for communication, MFPs have evolved to be the engines of more productive workplaces: beyond their essential role in fulfilling copy, scan, fax and print jobs, they can be leveraged to streamline and optimise business processes and efficiency through software platform technologies and application ecosystems.

Konica Minolta Business Solutions was named as a PaceSetter by Keypoint Intelligence’s Buyers Lab (BLI) – the world’s leading independent evaluator of document imaging software, hardware and services. One of only two award-winning document imaging OEMs in the MFP Platforms & App Ecosystems category, Konica Minolta was recognised for offering “the most robust device-centric software platform”. Analysts at Keypoint Intelligence compared the platforms and apps of 11 document imaging OEMs, evaluating strategic areas including Platform Technology, Developer Support, Market Approach and App Portfolio. The PaceSetter award also sought to identify OEMs offering “the most impressive portfolios of associated apps, to help customers get the most from their equipment investment”.

An ecosystem built around the customers

In its award citation, Keypoint Intelligence described Konica Minolta as a leader “for platform and app ecosystems due to its strong developer support, excellent platform design, strong portfolio of apps and intelligent go-to-market strategy surrounding its platform and app ecosystem.”

The award win also reflects the importance of a strong app ecosystem as way for customers to easily expand the functionality of their MFP. Rather than adapting their business practices around new hardware, customisation ensures that businesses can rapidly tailor hardware to meet the needs of their ideal workflow. Keypoint Intelligence noted: “As differentiating hardware becomes more difficult, Konica Minolta has capitalised on the ability of the platform to customise a machine to a customer’s unique needs. The award-winning Konica Minolta MarketPlace allows individuals to easily browse and implement apps at the MFP and is constantly expanding the portfolio of apps available.”

The Konica Minolta MarketPlace is the easy way to browse and download apps specifically designed for Konica Minolta multifunction products (MFP). Similar to those used on mobile devices but specific to customers’ business needs, apps available via MarketPlace can be accessed right from the convenience of the MFP’s control panel. The platform also offers highly cost-effective and efficient remote administration and automatic updates to applications without the need for on-site technical support. This growing portfolio of quality apps is a result of Konica Minolta’s ongoing strategic focus on providing app developers with a high level of support and expertise.