Konica Minolta unveils MGI JETVARNISH 3D One digital spot UV entry-level system

| 19 november 2019

Konica Minoltahas announced the launch of the MGI JETVARNISH 3D One entry-level digital spot UV finishing machine as it continues to accelerate its growing presence within industrial printing and commercial print markets.

A demonstration unit is already available in the Core Competence Center in France and other MGI JETVARNISH 3D One devices will be available in other Konica Minolta showrooms soon. Sales have started, the machine will be exclusively sold by Konica Minolta.

The MGI JETVARNISH 3D One will be aimed at markets such as small luxury packaging, books, magazines, business cards, menus, brochures, photobooks and greeting cards. Target customers will include digital printers, graphic art companies and Konica Minolta current clients who want to further grow new, profitable business opportunities.

This high-end product uses one universal varnish for multiple 2D and 3D tactile effects – for fine varnishing as well as embossed varnishing in one pass.

The MGI JETVARNISH 3D One device is the newest member of the MGI JETVarnish family. It will open more doors for customers to reach advertising, marketing, design and creative markets, as well as luxury packaging, by turning standard jobs into premium print products.

With a tagline of “embellishment for everyOne”, among the key features and highlights are:

  • Lower capital cost and cost of production, enabling easier finance options
  • Variable varnish thickness between 21 and 116 micron in one pass
  • An AIS scanner for automated sheet-to-sheet registration without the need for crop marks, no waste and virtually no set-up time
  • MGI software includes MGI spot varnish editor for “on-the-fly” job modification, a cost calculator and job management tool.

As part of the basic specifications, the MGI technology is combined with Konica Minolta piezoelectric printheads. Printing can be done on offset as well as digital materials. “On-the-job” drying and curing via an eco-friendly LED (for an ozone-free environment) is also provided as standard. Up to 2,077 A3 sheets can be printed an hour up to a size range of 364 x 750 mm.

Optional features cover variable data for versioning and personalisation, an automatic PDF converter, which converts PDFs into TIFF files, and a lightning option for the AIS scanner to use specialised metallic substrates.

The reality of how touch and feel play an increasingly important role in today’s consumer buying habits and improved brand recognition has helped shape thinking and certainly shouldn’t be underestimated. As one example, a report from the Foil and Specialty Effects Association reveals the time it takes for identifying enhanced products is 45% quicker than products, which are not embellished. In addition to that, enhanced products hold the attention 18% longer than print only products. And, looking at the desired result of the brand owner, the ability of a product to attract the shopper's visual attention has a strong influence on a consumers decision to purchase, because the longer individuals focus on an item, the more likely they are to chose that item and give it a higher liking rate.[1]

For more information please check our sensory experience website or the product website.

[1] “An initial study into the Impact of High-Visibility Enhancements on Shelf Presence”; A 2013 Study Commissioned by the Foil & Specialty Effects Association