Konica Minolta rethinks creativity with AccurioPro Variable Data to raise the bar for one-to-one marketing

| 9 december 2019

Konica Minoltahas today unveiled AccurioPro Variable Data, a new professional suite of variable data printing and publishing software tools, in a move designed to rethink creativity and one-to-one marketing with new standards for high-performance desktop applications.

The Konica Minolta Accurio Pro Variable Data is a powerful variable data plugin to Adobe InDesign®software. It enables seamless integration and variable elements to be easily added to any InDesign document to create unique output in a wide variety of file and VDP formats.

Producing fast, personalised output that is fully supported by all Konica Minolta and other digital presses, the software can merge text, pictures, multi-line articles or full-page information using data from most sources.

AccurioPro Variable Data supports many advanced design features, such as type-on-a-curve, runarounds, multi-page composition, drop shadows and transparency effects. The software is completely menu-driven. Unlike other VDP software products, there is no coding language to learn.

AccurioPro Variable Data other features include:

  • CopyFit™ module - provides advanced, on-the-fly copy fitting capability for text that is too long to fit a designated area
  • Rules Module – can be used to implement sophisticated conditional logic (if/then/else) processing
  • Imposition Module - allows for the easy creation of multi-up layouts with full support for "cut & stack" output and imposition templates
  • Bar Coding Module - provides support for variable linear and 2D bar codes
  • Automation Module - can be used with Enfocus Switch and other products to create completely automated variable data workflows

Konica Minolta provides AccurioPro Variable Data in two versions: Essential or Premium. The Essential product is an affordably priced, robust toolset that can process an unlimited number of database records. It includes the CopyFit, Rules, and Imposition modules, and can produce multi-page variable output in PDF or PDF/VT format. The Premium version is the professional edition that provides all of the features of the Essential version, but also includes improved output performance and other advanced features, including master page swapping, embedded variables and style tags, and support for additional VDP output formats.