Konica Minolta provides a dedicated accounting module for small businesses with the launch of version 5 of Document Navigator_20200512125716425

| 17 mars 2020

Document Navigator, a proven solution that Konica Minolta has already had in its portfolio since 2009, gets a facelift with version 5, which is now being launched. In addition to the pre-existing functions document capturing, document processing and document distribution, another function has now been added: accounting. Usability has also been improved and simplified, as the user interface has been changed and is now easier and more intuitive to use.

Most employees spend considerable time on recurring tasks as part of their everyday office work. Documents have to be scanned, processed and delivered to one or more destinations, such as another department, a CRM system or an electronic archiving solution. All of these administrative tasks involve a lot of manual intervention for each individual document. With the Document Navigator, document-based daily office procedures can be easily automated. Already offering intelligent document capture, processing and delivery, the Konica Minolta Document Navigator provides seamless electronic workflows for paper-based documents. With the new accounting module, Konica Minolta provides a dedicated accounting solution for small businesses – a request that the company has received from its customers. The authentication function as a basis supports full device control by enabling authentication at device level. The accounting module supports native accounting and billing while authenticating to the device by assigning different policies to a subset of devices, users and domains. Monitoring can also be created, and reports generated.

Document Navigator’s intelligent document capabilities ensure fully automatic document workflows. They make internal procedures faster and more productive, help to reduce costs and let companies concentrate on the really pressing business tasks rather than wasting time with lengthy administrative procedures. The fact that the solution has proven itself is also demonstrated by the Outstanding Document Workflow Solution award it received 2018 from Keypoint Intelligence Buyers Lab (BLI).

You can find more information about Document Navigator here