Konica Minolta presented its vision for the Workplace of the Future at CeBIT 2017

| 28 mars 2017

At CeBIT 2017, Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe(Konica Minolta) was showcasing revolutionary concepts for the Workplace of the Future. As a representative of this year’s partner country Japan, Konica Minolta used the stage to give insights into what will drive digital transformation for the workforce. Face recognition, predictive software solutions and smart Internet of Things office furniture are just a few of the innovative answers to the changing demands of the workforce. The company appreciates the new concept of Deutsche Messe AG for CeBIT 2018.

Visitors had the opportunity to experience first-hand different solutions for the Workplace of the Future at Konica Minolta’s climate-neutral booth at CeBIT. Since the working environment is changing fast, so are the needs towards supporting technologies. Konica Minolta and their highly specialised cooperation partners are delivering cutting-edge solutions to answer these needs. Visitors were especially impressed by the approach, story and thoughts around the Workplace of the Future presented at the booth. Additionally, the integration of innovative technology that strongly focuses on people and fosters engagement hit the nerve of partners and customers alike and positioned Konica Minolta as a strong partner for IT services and solutions.

Konica Minolta’s IoT (Internet of Things) strategy

Together with MOBOTIX AG, a German specialist for intelligent IP video solutions, Konica Minolta demonstrated how employees without a fixed workplace could be guided to a free office desk through face recognition when they enter the company. As space is becoming an increasingly scarce resource in the corporate world, it is important to be able to manage and utilise it as efficiently as possible. With its predictive technology, Konica Minolta offers the opportunity to optimise the use of meeting rooms and office desk space, to ensure best collaboration and teamwork while maintaining privacy at the same time.

In collaboration with ARUP, Konica Minolta displayed an intelligent IoT office desk, which is able to measure room temperature, humidity, lighting, air quality and other parameters. The idea is to provide optimal working conditions for highest efficiency and productivity, as all these factors have substantial influence on the cognitive performance of knowledge workers.

To help empower customers in the digital workplace, Shoei Yamana, President and CEO, Konica Minolta, Inc., explained in his keynote on Tuesday Konica Minolta’s IoT strategy with two elements: Building a superior “cyber physical system” and offering a unique mix of cloud and edge IoT technologies to support cost-effective decision-making. Konica Minolta’s cyber physical system turns information from the real world into meaningful cyber analysis and the provision of solutions via superior input devices. Combining the company’s expertise in light, image processing, sensing and materials with cutting-edge IoT technologies, Konica Minolta creates devices, which compile images, video and data into quantifiable parameters to offer new value.

Designed to be sustainable

Konica Minolta, an ambassador for 2017’s CeBIT partner country Japan, proudly contributed to the opening ceremony on Sunday, March 19th. The “Japan Show Act” pictured the country’s thoughts and expectations towards future technologies through an artistic performance supported by Japanese companies and their innovations. With the groundbreaking Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) panel technology, which was incorporated in the performance costumes, Konica Minolta emphasised their environmental consciousness and their pioneer position among the Japanese IT and Tech companies.

For next year, Deutsche Messe AG announced a completely new concept for CeBIT 2018 and beyond.

With the wide range of environmentally considerate products, such as the world’s first flexible colour-tuneable OLED lighting panels, and an officially certified climate-neutral booth, Konica Minolta reinforces its position as a sustainably acting company by supporting the EcoVision 2050 targets of reducing CO2 emissions by 80% compared to 2005 levels. By supporting the certified Carbon Offset Project: Hydropower Project Renun Indonesia, Konica Minolta compensates for the calculated 127,670 kg CO2 emissions of the company’s participation in CeBIT 2017.