Konica Minolta obtains “RobecoSAM Silver Class” distinction

| 21 februari 2017

Konica Minolta, Inc. (Konica Minolta) was awarded the RobecoSAM Silver Class 2017, a global commendation for sustainability in corporate environments. For the third time in a row, Konica Minolta achieved the highest possible score in the Computers & Peripherals and Office Electronics divisions for its approach towards innovation and risk management, and remains one of the leaders in the industry.

More than 3,400 of the world’s leading companies were invited to take part in RobecoSAM’s corporate sustainability assessment. The Swiss rating- and SRI-research specialist focuses strictly on sustainability evaluation of global organisations. The scores are the basis for a reliable company rating, which takes the factors of environmental, social and economical efforts into account. In RobceoSAM’s “2017 Yearbook of Sustainability”, 264 companies – 25 of them Japanese – were classified into the Gold, Silver and Bronze categories.

Pioneers in sustainability

Deciding factors in awarding Konica Minolta were the initiatives to advance in climate change strategies under consideration of environmental policies as well as management and concepts of information disclosure. As a company, Konica Minolta has committed itself to finding sustainable solutions for modern businesses and identified the following material core values accordingly: environment, social innovation, customer satisfaction and product safety as well as responsible supply chain management, human capital and diversity. Konica Minolta received the highest possible score for its activities in the context of ecological sustainability. The worldwide promotion of green products, green factories and green marketing are part of Konica Minoltas efforts to reduce its environmental impact by 2050 by up to 80%, compared to 2005. With the launch of such a programme, Konica Minolta is taking on a pioneer role.

At Konica Minolta, its businesses have to play a meaningful role in contributing to a global society, and therefore, Konica Minolta is constantly innovating and developing new ideas and concepts which help to protect the environment and tackle the challenges of globalisation. One of Konica Minolta’s highest maxims is to share the knowledge and procedures in order to support the positive development of sustainable value creation. As part of this effort, Konica Minolta invited 50 analysts and investors in December 2016 to brief them on environmental and social governance (ESG). The event showcased environmental and empowerment management policies, which helped the attendees understand how ESG is linked directly to Konica Minolta’s management strategies and able to build a healthy company culture.

“Giving Shape to Ideas” is Konica Minolta’s promise to continue to innovate and capitalise on sustainability ideas in order to fulfil its role as a vital company that is beneficial to society and contributes towards solving social challenges.