Konica Minolta brings more benefits to customers with AccurioPro Flux updates

| 11 juli 2019

Konica Minolta has introduced important new upgrades for its AccurioPro Flux software as part of its ‘Rethink Workflow’ campaign designed to help customers grow their businesses profitably.

The AccurioPro Flux Premium and AccurioPro Flux options provide further enhancements to its pre-press and print automation software within its Accurio professional printing portfolio of digital software solutions for professional printing.

In addition to the attractive make-ready and output management functionalities of AccurioPro Flux Essential, both new upgrades give customers the opportunity to further maximise both the flexibility in their prepress workflows and the versatility of print offerings. The advanced functionality includes collaboration possibilities, enhanced automation and more user convenience.

Offering essential functionality to minimise costs and maximizing ROI, AccurioPro Flux software is targeted at a wide range of customers including print service providers, central reprographic departments, in-house print shops, local councils, universities and corporations.

AccurioPro Flux Premium’s strong focus is on collaboration enabling multi-seat capabilities where a team of operators can share and organise their workload while keeping each other up to date. In addition, the job-ticket based print workflow provides a tool to offer easy and convenient ordering of print products via a company or organisation’s intranet. Users can send their print jobs directly from the source application to the print room, while the operator can rely on intelligent print functions to handle incoming jobs.

The most extensive product module is AccurioPro Flux Ultimate. This version extends the make-ready and workflow management capabilities with comprehensive and sophisticated web-to-print functionality. Online job submission and online status tracking is combined in one professional web-to-print application. It also provides extensive pricing flexibility and easy IT integration capabilities.