Konica Minolta at London Tech Week: Towards a workplace enlightenment

| 9 maj 2019

As Lead Stream Sponsor for ‘Innovation’ and Platinum Sponsor of the ‘Future of Work Summit’ at London Tech Week 2019, taking place from 10 – 14 June, Konica Minolta will be presenting its view on improving the workplace experience through a new science made possible by measurement.

It is easy to talk about how technology is changing the way people work – so long as the story revolves around particular tools and devices such as laptops and mobiles. Yet there is a whole world of technology surrounding the workforce today that rarely gets a mention: the physical environment in which people work. Increasingly equipped with sensors and empowered by intelligent devices, this environment is able to take measurements and make adjustments autonomously. With these capabilities, workplaces constantly optimise themselves to best suit the needs of employees, measuring without intrusion and adapting without imposition.

Paul Chaplin leads new ideas development for Konica Minolta’s Business Innovation Centre in Europe. At London Tech Week’s event, the Future of Work Summit, he will present a story titled ‘Towards a workplace enlightenment' in a keynote on 13 June, beginning at 9.50 AM at WeWork, 9 Devonshire Square, EC2M 4YF. 


If more measurements are made possible at lower cost, then, consequently, an ever-wider range of measurements can be anticipated.

Beyond the Future of Work Summit, Konica Minolta will be part of the five-day Innovation Mini MBA at Academy London. This academy is a Google Space that provides a platform for innovators, disruptors and challengers to ideate, test, prototype and pitch. As a guest speaker, Milan Lakhani, Head of Strategy & Business Development at Konica Minolta’s Business Innovation Centre, will hold a keynote about ‘Embedding corporate innovation’. This presentation is set for 9.00 AM on 12 June. Lakhani will also be a part of the jury session, where participants of the Mini MBA will present their results to a panel selecting the winning idea.

The workplace of the future is a major investment area for Konica Minolta, which is developing and offering a variety of client-centric solutions to help organisations build their future-ready workplace ranging from Managed IT Services to the management of print infrastructure and IoT edge computing devices like the Konica Minolta Workplace Hub.  

Find out more: http://ltw2019.konicaminolta.eu