Konica Minolta and Zühlke establish close innovation partnership to support future workplace-enabled solutions

| 5 september 2018

Leading office & IT solutions provider Konica Minolta, Inc. (Konica Minolta) and innovation service provider Zühlke have announced their partnership to support the development of new products for Konica Minolta’s Workplace of the Future™ vision. As part of the technology giant’s corporate strategy to become a platform-led, data-centric business, Konica Minolta will look to Zühlke to play a key part in advising how to utilise digital technologies to provide sustainable customer solutions across the workplace.

With an R&D strategy focused on providing holistic solutions to the challenges that come with digitalisation, Konica Minolta are actively partnering with leading pioneers. Such collaborations ensure that Konica Minolta continues to create concepts that reflect the Japanese company’s strong heritage of innovation, alongside accurately fulfilling customer’s future needs and wants.

Ranging from the generation and evaluation of new product ideas and business models, to consultation on technical implementation and operations, the partnership with Zühlke is a natural progression of a close working relationship between the two companies.

One project Zühlke has already supported Konica Minolta with is the collaboration around a proposed multi-functional workplace tool currently referred to as ‘Spoke’, as part of the disruptive Workplace Hub portfolio.

Looking to the future, Konica Minolta and Zühlke are already working on new ideas for untouched areas.