How to get the IT capability of a large enterprise company, while retaining the freedom of a start-up

| 7 februari 2019

As digital transformation gains momentum, small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) are seeking innovative ways to increase performance, reduce time to market, and gain market share.

With the rise of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT) and more, the quantity and diversity of technological solutions on offer have skyrocketed. And for smaller businesses who have less available time and resource to navigate through the crowded market, embracing these in a way to drive better business outcomes can feel like a challenge.

At the same time, traditional IT is being tasked with managing dense workloads, ramping up data storage and security, upgrading legacy systems, and accommodating the technology demands of a mobile workforce. What once happily kept a midsized business running, is now struggling to keep up – but then what’s the solution?

For many, the answer lies in modernising IT infrastructures - especially servers - to make them easier to manage and completely secure; regardless of whether critical applications and data are hosted on-site or in the cloud. From its recent survey[1] Konica Minolta knows that SMBs need IT platforms that not only address current needs, but also seamlessly handle future workloads, and ideally with predictable costs. Thankfully, new innovations in server technology now make it possible for SMBs to leverage the performance and efficiencies that only large enterprises could afford before.

Optimise your workplace

Workplace Hub utilises a bespoke HPE Gen10 Server, which comes with in-built performance management to amplify your existing IT to deliver future-ready technology. Performance is optimised with Intelligent System Tuning (IST), which leverages exclusive technology HPE developed through a close partnership with Intel. It includes three innovative capabilities – jitter smoothing, workload matching, and core boosting - that together can deliver double-digit boosts in performance[2].

Smooth out performance jitters

If your company operates in a fast-paced market, every microsecond counts. You’d like to use ‘Turbo Boost’ modes to fulfil your need for speed, but you can’t afford the accompanying jitter that occurs when a change in workload requires a processor to change frequency.

Jitter Smoothing mitigates processor frequency fluctuation and can improve Intel processor frequency by up to 12% over base with low latency and deterministic processor performance. In some cases, Jitter Smoothing can even deliver workload throughput above Intel Turbo Boost mode alone, for an even higher performance improvement.

So having a server with jitter smoothing capability built-in is already closing that gap between you and your larger competitor.

Workload matching

The Gen10 Server in Workplace Hub also comes with time-saving technology that enables you to choose from preconfigured workload profiles to automatically tune internal server resources and improve server performance.

Meaning you can automatically match internal server resources to specific workload requirements, and maximise what you need to suit you and your customers.

Core boosting

What if you could cool your processor enough to run more active cores at, or near, maximum turbo frequency? If you could, you would get more performance per core and therefore more performance per server. Core Boosting allows you to do just that, making your existing technology work harder for you.

Simplify your IT

By amplifying your current technology, Workplace Hub gives you the IT capability of a far bigger company and freedom of a start-up. It unifies systems, removes repetitive tasks and enhances standards, and ensures you have the infrastructure in place to embrace whatever digital transformation means for you. It helps you work smarter, and the seamless integration of new intelligent technologies, ensures you're always performing at your best.

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[1] SMB IT pain-point survey for Konica Minolta was conducted in partnership with Opinium, 2018

[2] Based on internal HPE testing in May 2017

All content provided in conjunction with HPE, a partner of Workplace Hub.