Helping producing companies to turn digital manufacturing from a vision to reality

| 24 april 2018

At the Hannover Messe 2018, Konica Minolta is setting a clear focus on supporting producing companies in driving the actual implementation of digital manufacturing on their production lines. Konica Minolta is showcasing its portfolio of solutions developed on the basis of a deep understanding of the needs and operational challenges of these companies on the path to entering Industry 4.0.

For years now, the digital concepts of Industry 4.0 have been very prominent at almost all major industry happenings, in Europe and worldwide. Yet, when it comes to the actual implementation of these technologies, a significant gap exists between the visions these producing companies have and the reality on their shop floor.

For many companies, finding a partner that can help them implement the solutions they need in order to move towards a digital production – and at the same time ensures the security of their data and control over it – is key. Ideally, this partner is also able to provide all of this from one source.

To provide these full package solutions directed particularly at SMEs, Konica Minolta has joined hands with AXOOM. Robert Tordy, CEO of AXOOM Solutions, is excited about the cooperation and the launch of the Smart Start Packages.

Konica Minolta uses the venue of the 2018 Hannover Messe to present companies with various digital manufacturing technologies – from sensors across IIoT platforms to integrated solutions. With its decade-long experience as a manufacturing company and as a partner of thousands of producing companies in Europe, Konica Minolta has a deep understanding of its customers’ needs and bases the development of its solutions on those insights. With these products and Konica Minolta as a strong partner, producing companies are no longer limited to the development of digital manufacturing concepts, but they can actually gain a competitive edge by starting to digitalise their processes.