A strong partner in premises security: Konica Minolta updates Rector Lesage video surveillance

| 25 juli 2019

As one of Konica Minolta’s satisfied, long-term customers, the Rector Lesage Group – a specialist manufacturer of floor, wall and structural elements – has already implemented several video security projects with Konica Minolta. Having recently concluded two projects with the leading security solutions provider, Rector Lesage is now undertaking additional implementations for other sites in the course of 2019. It aims to further increase premises security with the help of Konica Minolta’s state-of-the-art Mobotix solutions.

With its headquarters in Mulhouse, France, Rector Lesage is a major player on the concrete materials manufacturing market. Its premises are very large, with a total surface area of more than 8000 m². These large areas not only contain valuable machinery and tools, but also stocks of scrap that can be the subject of theft. This means Rector Lesage requires surveillance at all points of access to its sites.

When it came to overhauling its video surveillance installations at two production sites, Verberie and Tours, Rector Lesage opted for support from Konica Minolta – its trusted partner in managing its fleet of multi-purpose equipment and printers as well in providing support for its IT security and document management. The company was impressed by the quality of the dialogue in the pre-sales phase, which included on-site audits and demonstrations of the security solutions implementation.

Konica Minolta installed six additional cameras at the site in Verberie following a thorough audit conducted in the factory, and also replaced the existing server along with the video management system using the Mx Management Center solution. This setup provides the highest level of security. A completely new video surveillance system comprising eight Mobotix cameras controlled by a video management system was installed in Tours. After positive feedback from both sites, the Group is planning further implementations in 2019.

Shintaro Inoue, Manager of Konica Minolta Europe’s Mobotix Business Division, is highly satisfied as well, as this is a prime example of how the company is able to expand its business in video security solutions amongst its existing customer base:

Konica Minolta has significantly grown its video security business with its partner Mobotix, in which it holds an approximately 65 per cent stake. Today, the partnership is present in 21 countries in Europe alone and already has more than 100 customers – and expansion is set to continue. “Besides ensuring the highest levels of security, our intelligent video solutions are helping our customers to significantly improve their processes by monitoring and optimising their workflows and production for quality assurance,” explains Inoue with regard to the success of the business. “Our video solutions service in Europe more than doubled in the 2018 financial year compared to the 2017 financial year,” he adds. Konica Minolta and Mobotix are currently working on developing and offering new intelligent video solutions that combine their expertise for the benefit of their customers – in particular a new video/IoT platform. “With its four pillars of security systems, Konica Minolta places great emphasis on overall security for the customer. One of those 4 pillars is video security through Mobotix solutions. These Konica Minolta video solutions services are designed not only for security purposes, but also to ensure that customers’ businesses run smoothly and to provide the business intelligence to optimise or maximise their business activities,” Inoue concludes.