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Giving Shape to Ideas

Core Technologies


Vårt mål är att förstå hur våra kunder tänker, att förstå deras behov utifrån deras perspektiv, att lösa deras problem och utmaningar i sin verksamhet genom att ”ge form åt idéer” i samverkan med våra kunder och med hänsyn till samhället i övrigt. Vi kallar det ”Giving Shape to Ideas”.


The Concept of Synergy

The Konica Minolta Group owns a wide array of specialized technologies and technologies that support the competitiveness and attractiveness of our products. These technologies are defined as our core technologies, totaling twelve – four in materials, two in optics, two in nano-fabrication and four in imaging fields

Throughout our history, we have expanded and advanced these technologies, integrating them at whole new levels so that they are the driving force of our production activities. We continuously strive to integrate these technologies into innovative products with new functions and added value that contribute to the daily lives of people at home and at work. Naturally, this also includes our range of Business Solution products.

Material Field
Material Field technology contributes to the improvement of image quality, durability, sensitivity, and productivity for such products as colour materials, organic electronics, and functional display films.

Optical Field
Optical technology is indispensable for designing compact and high-precision optical units for MFPs and cameras, and optical measuring units such as three-dimensional measuring instruments and spectrophotometers.

Nano-Fabrication Field
This refers to essential processing technology for plastic and glass lenses, hard-disk glass-substrate and optical units for printers to make them compact and highly precise.

Imaging field
This concerns image processing and system designing technology for a variety of equipment and systems in the field of information, medical, industrial, and sensing to improve image quality, usability and processing speed.