Flexible solutions that make your IT simple

Integrated IT services for your business

With information in our DNA, Konica Minolta IT Services can help you to get the most out of the digital transformation. By increasing your operational efficiency without compromising on security, we make your business future-proof.

All-in-one IT

Our Workplace Hub offering reduces IT complexity, removes repetitive IT tasks, ends unwelcome distractions and optimises total IT spend. It creates the infrastructure for the future by empowering your current technology. Use it to boost all or part of your operational capability with a solution that grows with you, so you can forget about your IT today and focus on developing your business for tomorrow.

Managed IT Services

IT departments today – especially in small and medium sized businesses – are faced with an ever-increasing task complexity. This leads to high costs and binds IT resources needed for innovation. By outsourcing all or parts of your IT infrastructure management we give you peace of mind - and more time and energy to focus on your business.


Information Management

Day by day, the amount of information is growing exponentially: Document files, e-mails, online materials, invoices and many more accumulates into a massive data volume. Unstructured information, often not classified, is stored in different places and the main problem is usually a missing consistent data infrastructure, creating time-consuming administration and unsecure processes. Optimise your information-relevant corporate processes by utilising Konica Minolta's suite of Managed Content Services (MCS).



Intelligent IP video solutions

Based on the collaboration between Konica Minolta and MOBOTIX, we provide next-generation network security solutions. Our joint product developments focus on solutions like monitoring processes at manufacturing facilities in order to drive workflow innovation, or new products such as “Care Support Solutions” that might be employed to monitor residents in nursing care homes.

Concentrate on your business – with the help of our services!

Structured business processes as well as a robust and secure IT infrastructure are fundamental to compete in today’s markets. Konica Minolta’s Business Services help you optimise your processes and facilitate the use of information. Our portfolio entails consultancy services, infrastructure implementation and managed services. With our support, you can forget about your IT today and focus on developing your business for tomorrow.